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State Day 2021, Crewel Workshop, "Bess' Bedhangings"
June 18 & 19, 2021

Canby Robertson, Presenter

 Bess’s Bed Hangings is a study of traditional English Crewel Embroidery and includes many stitches not familiar to American crewel embroidery.

This class was my first experience teaching by Zoom and, although, in my view, it does not replace an in-person format, the support and suggestions offered by the Great Lakes Region Zoom team to make the class a success was excellent……..

I came away from the class feeling as though I was able to have a personal connection with each of the women taking the class, and was able to have an interactive class experience that is my goal with all classes I teach. Thank you for offering me the opportunity to teach this workshop.  I had a wonderful time with all of you,

Canby Robertson

If the event had not been virtual I would not have registered. This was my Boston 2020 Seminar class, so I was delighted it was offered. I think the format worked out very well and Canby did an excellent job. 
Carol Ann – Needle Arts Guild of Toledo, GLR

 I really appreciated the opportunity to do crewel work and to learn from such an expert. Canby provided all the basics a newbie like myself needed to know, and I’m sure those more experienced learned some new tricks as well.   Jen – Madison Area Chapter, GLR

I’d never done crewel before this workshop.  I learned so much and had a lot of fun doing it!   Dena – Madison Area Chapter, GLR


Before Finishing Touches

Finished With Border

I was very pleased with the State Day workshop.  There were very few technical problems experienced with the presentation which put my mind at ease since this was the first zoom teaching experience our chapter hosted that bridged across the country to include people from 5 states. I appreciated her encouraging us to think outside the box in our stitching but learn proper technique.  I learned a number of things from this workshop that I didn’t know.  Claire – Madison Area Chapter, GLR

I really enjoyed the Wisconsin State Day Class.  Crewel work is my favorite stitching and it was fun to have a new project. I enjoyed the historical research about the piece also.
Judy – Fox Valley Chapter, GLR

I thought the class went very well. It raised my interest in getting back to other crewel projects that are hiding in my stash.  I also like the idea of zoom classes because of the cost-saving over in-person classes—no travel or extra food costs, plus the time-saving aspect of not travelling.  Terry – Fox Valley Chapter, GLR

When I first started embroidery as a hobby, I stitched several crewel embroidery kits.  With this class, I learned HOW to do some of the stitches properly.  Canby Robertson was a wonderful teacher and I appreciated this opportunity to improve my technique.
Kathie – Madison Area Chapter, GLR

thought the class was wonderful!!  Although Canby said this was her first Zoom class, she did a great job.   Canby’s materials arrived in a timely fashion with plenty of supplies.  Canby explained how to use the wool and why it is her preferred fiber for this type of project.  The class time was good mix of instruction and time to visit with other participants.  I appreciated that we had stitching time during each session to try out the stitches while Canby was available for questions.  Crewel classes are more requested by Northeastern stitchers than other regions.  Thank you for organizing this program.   I would not hesitate to sign up for another State Day.

Cheryl – El Segundo Blue chapter, PSR

I enjoyed the virtual format of State Day.   It was much easier to see the demonstrations in the virtual format.  I can never really see the teacher demonstration when I have to look over someone’s shoulder.   Canby also discussed the finishing techniques that could be used on multiple crewel projects.   I have not had a class where blocking the finished piece was discussed.
The project prompted some participants to form a crewel interest group.   This group is still working on the details but in the future it will provide an outlet for crewel stitchers. Colleen – Madison Area Chapter, GLR  

I really enjoy the virtual presentations. I cannot stay in motels/hotels because of chronic allergies/ sensitivities (tested and are genetic and treatment does not help and now cannot use any drugs). Mary – Monguagon Chapter, GLR

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